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The action of this drug is aimed at suppressing the protein synthesis of Warfarin. The drug has practically no systemic effect on the body, but can accumulate in the larvae, causing their death. Thiabendazole belongs to low-toxic drugs, the mechanism of action of which is not fully understood. This medicine is known to be particularly effective in the treatment of hookworm. Albendazole is considered to be no less effective drug. This drug is often prescribed for the treatment of infestations caused by tapeworm larvae.

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Acute Care Program

If we talk about how to get rid of the disease, then anthelmintic drugs with a wide spectrum of activity are used for this. Important! Since the instructions for all these drugs do not describe clear treatment regimens for anisakiasis, several short therapeutic courses are carried out.

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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

If the disease gave dangerous complications, then surgical intervention is indicated. This applies to cases of intestinal obstruction, when an urgent resection of the intestine is required. The operation is usually performed endoscopically. In this case, in the process of resection, it is possible to remove the larvae. It is important to completely remove the parasite, since the head end that is not removed will lead to the formation of new granulomas.

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An equally dangerous complication of the disease, which also requires urgent surgery, is intestinal perforation and the peritonitis provoked by it. After surgical treatment, the patient should be under dispensary observation for a year. Once every six months or a quarter, FGDS is necessarily done.

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Chemical Detox (Inpatient)

When it comes to Chemical Dependency and the needs for specific Detoxification therapy, Creekside is second to none. We are able to offer free 24/7 on-site assessment and referral services to our patients, as well as a completely confidential assessment by a master’s level professional or psychiatric nurse.

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As for the prevention of this disease, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

Anisakiasis (lat. Anisacidosis) is a parasitic disease caused by accidental ingestion of Tablets stage of nematodes belonging to the Anisakidae family. People become infected with this type of helminth when eating raw seafood (such as sushi, sashimi, ceviche, etc.) or poorly cooked sea and passing fish.

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Salted fish is considered safe only if the salt concentration is not less than 14 percent, and the salting process lasted at least 12 days.

Also, for preventive purposes, it is important to follow the rules for cutting raw fish. To do this, the kitchen should have a special knife and a separate cutting board. The catch, which goes for sale, is necessarily subjected to helminthological testing.


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Freshly caught fish should be gutted as soon as possible so that the larvae do not have the opportunity to infiltrate the muscles and organs.

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Do not eat raw or lightly salted fish, as well as seafood that has not undergone proper processing. The death of parasite larvae occurs at 80 degrees, provided that such a temperature effect lasts at least 20 minutes.

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